Amsterdam Beach, a new beach in town?

20 miles to Amsterdam Beach

About 20 miles from the center of Amsterdam you will find the beach. Would you like to take a break from the big city, do the sparrows fall from the roof (a Dutch saying that means that the temperature is very high) or do you just fancy a beach walk, then Amsterdam Beach is the place to be!

If you think 20 miles is a long distance depends a bit on where you come from. The average Dutchman will only travel a distance like this to the beach if it is very hot, so do not try to park somewhere around the beach if it is above 77 degrees Fahrenheit (= 25 degrees Celcius). We Dutch people think of that as that as a warm temperature and when it is about 88 degrees Fahrenheit (= 30 degrees Celcius) we Dutchies can not function very well anymore and we need cooling down. Preferably on the beach where there is that little wind that we do not have in the city, or maybe that’s just me ;-)

Zandvoort is a nice place to go

Even without high temperatures Zandvoort aan Zee is a very nice place to go.
I can hear you thinking: what are you saying? Zandvoort at the beach? You were talking about Amsterdam Beach right?
That’s right! Let me explain:
The Amsterdam Tourist Office decided to call the beach of Zandvoort: Amsterdam Beach. Actually when we say Amsterdam Beach or Beach For Amsterdam, we are talking about 2 Dutch cities: Zandvoort aan Zee and Bloemendaal aan Zee. So do not be alarmed if you come across the name Zandvoort, you are in the right place!

Choosing the right beach hotel is essential

Please watch out when booking a hotel at the beach. Almost every hotel that is located between Amsterdam and Zandvoort uses something from Amsterdam Beach. But if you book a hotel in Haarlem (a city between Amsterdam and Zandvoort), you are still 10 miles away from the beach. Do you want to stay within walking distance of the coast? Then search for hotels in Zandvoort aan Zee or Bloemendaal aan Zee.

Close to Amsterdam Beach

Staying close to the beach, that’s what you should want! Zandvoort is a small town and has pretty much everything within walking distance. The beach, restaurants, shops, the cinema, supermarkets and a beautiful dune area for walking. You can easily spend a day here.
If you fancy a brisk walk, you can go both ways on the beach and walk a couple of miles. You can also walk along the boulevard on the pavement. A bit further inland there are beautiful nature reserves and dune areas where you can too take a long walk.

Places you should go

The Zandvoort beach has a number of beach restaurants that are open all year round. I often like to come to Tijn Akersloot myself. Located on the beach at the edge of the city making it a place with a relaxed atmosphere without the hustle and bustle of the rest of the town. In the winter time, there are many wood fires burning where you can warm up with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate milk. In the summer the large terrace is open where you can stay until late at night. Watch the sunset and of course you can get a blanket if it gets a bit cooler.
You can come here for breakfast, lunch, dining, basically the whole day.

And do not go home without eating a fish from De Zeemeermin (the Mermaid). De Zeemeermin is a moveable fish market that is greatly appreciated by the locals. Together with 6 other fellow fish markets they even organized the world record of Haringhappen! (take a bite of a herring) In 2015 over 1,500 people ate a herring at the sime time.
When you order a dish and eat it outside on the beach, there are always some gulls looking over your shoulder, waiting for you to drop something. They also like these fish!
Every morning this market is brought to the parking lot at Boulevard Barnaart by a tractor and after dinnertime they leave again. So make sure you are on time!

Do not skip Zandvoort. Book your private tour from Amsterdam today!
Whether you want to lay on the beach, shop or enjoy the beautiful nature, it’s all there!

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