How to get from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam City Centre

”How do I get from Schiphol Airport?” is one of the most common asked questions when visiting Amsterdam.
You have arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you have taken your luggage off the belt, you walk out through the sliding doors of one of the arrivals and you are ready to enter Amsterdam City. But uh … how do you get there?

How far is Amsterdam City from Schiphol Airport?

First of all, let’s talk about where you are. The letters AMS on your suitcase label make you think that you are in Amsterdam. Technically, you are now in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer not Amsterdam. (Read our blog about the history of Schiphol Airport) But, no worries, you are not very far away from Amsterdam City. Schiphol Airport is approximately 20 kilometers outside the city center of Amsterdam and there are several ways to get there.
There are even só many, with so many different public transportation tickets and options, that I will limit myself here to two options: Train and taxi.


Whether the train is an option for you depends on your final destination. In every metropolis, public transport is challenging for foreigners, that is no different in Amsterdam. Especially after a long journey by plane, public transportation is not safe and ideal and you should consider an airport transfer by a chauffeur driven car. After reaching Amsterdam Central Station it can still be a 20 minute walk to your final destination or that you need another transfer by bus, tram or subway. If it concerns a trip from airport to a final destination that is not within walking distance from the train station, just simply do not go by train.

Are you en route to an office on the Amsterdam Zuidas (the Financial Mile), the RAI, the Arena Stadion or some place that is within walking distance of Central Station? Then the train is definitely an option and a fast and very cheap way of traveling apart from the safety issues and delays.

How to get to the train at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

From the Schiphol Airport arrivals, follow the signs to the trains and buy a single ticket in one of the vending machines, before taking an escalator down to the trains. All the destinations mentioned above have their own train station, can be reached without changing trains, have a travel time of no more than 20 minutes and cost 6 euros at the most.

Schiphol Taxi

If you have another destination, transport from the Schiphol airport by car is much easier. A ride to the city center takes about half an hour, depending on the destination and busy traffic. You can follow the “taxi” signs or floor stickers from the Airport arrivals. These will lead you to the taxi’s that are waiting at the exit of the arrival halls.
Make sure you walk to these taxi’s yourself. There may be people trying to seduce you into a taxi ride at the arrivals hall. Never get into a car of these people, they are bad news. Walk outside, a line of taxis will be waiting there, just choose one if they are available.

A taxi ride to Amsterdam city center costs around 50 euros. The taxis run with a meter, are often good quality cars and they can take you all the way to your final destination. Please watch out for taxi drivers that don’t speak English.

I Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Transfer Service

If you want to be sure of the availability of a reliable car with driver, you can also book an Amsterdam airport transfer with us. This is one of the services we provide.
If you book an airport transfer, one of our drivers will pick you up with a namesign at the arrivals. From the moment you step outside from the baggage claim and customs, you will be picked up by an English speaking driver who will guide you to the car, assist with your luggage and to drive you smoothly to your final destination.
Is your flight delayed? Then we will keep an eye on that and we will make sure that we arrive at the arrivals when you come out. A full service airport transfer this way costs around 85 euros. Go Carefree from A to B!

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