Visit The Amsterdam Lookout

Visit Amsterdam Lookout

You should visit the Amsterdam Lookout at a great height in Amsterdam.
Beautiful views in a relaxed atmosphere, that is what you come across when you go up in the Amsterdam Lookout. Rain or sunshine, with both circumstances you can go to the Lookout in the North of Amsterdam. 

Starting the Lookout Expierence

By a ticket Downstairs you and then up the stairs to the first floor. There is someone waiting to take a photo of you for a so-called “green screen”. A green wall with a steel beam in front. They take two photos of you and the result is absolutely fun! The green screen allows them to place your photo on different backgrounds, making it look like you’re dangling on a steel beam above Amsterdam at almost 100 meters! You will receive a card with a QR code. Afterwards you can buy the photos directly. But you will also receive them in your mailbox and will be able to order high-resolution photos. No need to decide right away!

The Lookout 20th Floor

After you do this photoshoot walk to the elevator. Take the elevator to the 20th floor in about 20 seconds. There are lighting effects in the elevator and the ceiling is transparent. Don’t be scared, you will be distracted in this way and you’ll be on top in no time!

If it rains, this floor is exactly the place to be! When I was there I first went casually to the toilet, without looking around. When I was washing my hands I suddenly saw the view for the first time! It is really breathtaking. You would keep washing your hands all day long :-) 

This floor has beautiful large windows giving you an uninterrupted view. It is really fantastic to see. Walk all the way around this floor for a 360 degree view of Amsterdam. It shows the diversity of Amsterdam very nicely. The Lookout tower is on Amsterdam-North, where much is still being built. When you look at the other side of the IJ you can see the historic city center with the most beautiful authentic buildings. If you look a little further away, you can also see the new Zuid-As business area very well.

This floor also has a Skybar (Madam), Do enjoy the beautiful view there from a lovely couch or chair with a nice drink.

Europe’s Highest Swing?!

When the weather is nice, follow the directions to the Skydeck. This is one floor higher, where you can of course walk all the way around to see everything of Amsterdam! The Skydeck is completely fenced with a grid fence, which makes the experience a bit different compared to the floor below. You’ll see a little less freely, but this view with the wind blowing through your hair… Very nice.  

Go up even a little bit higher to a plateau to take the best photo’s of Amsterdam. 

The atmosphere at the Skydeck is very relaxed. I visited the skydeck in August on a very sunny day. There were lounge cushions, lounge benches and lounge music. All the ingredients to stare into the distance and let your mind go…

Although… sometimes, all of the sudden, you hear a scream in the background: AAHHHHH !!!
That’s the swing.  The swing? 

Europe’s highest swing “Over the Edge” is on the Skydeck. You rock back and forth at an altitude of approximately 100 meters, your feet over the edge of the Skydeck. Shriek-worthy, don’t you think?

Great View of the Authenic City Center

If you are interested in what you are actually looking at when you are walking around, look at the panoramic photo of Amsterdam that they placed all around the fence. The photo is roughly the same as the view that you have and so you can see what you are looking at on that photo. Special buildings and places in Amsterdam are also explained on the photos. “Hey, that high facade in the distance … That is the Rijksmuseum!”

The Wind at the Amsterdam Lookout

Like tall trees, high floors also catch a lot of wind. The wind speed is faster at the top of a building than on the ground and from just about wind force 4 (indicated in weather reports) you will also feel that a bit. While it seems to be the intention that buildings can move a little bit and that it can do no harm at all, if you are very sensitive to this, I would think for a while at wind force 4/5 and higher if you want to go upstairs. If you like a bit of excitement, go for it!

Is Amsterdam Lookout Worth the Visit?

The Amsterdam Lookout is a very nice outing to do! The view is beautiful, the atmosphere relaxed, let our chauffeur service drop you off there! Do go upstairs before 11 o’clock if you don’t like long queues, and especially go wash your hands on the toilet :-) Buy your ticket today.

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