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Wondering how it feels to arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Arrivals?
What a fantastic moment it is! From the air and while taxiing you have already seen some surroundings of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You come out of the plane, pick up your luggage and walk to the exit. Or well, exit … actually the entrance to a new adventure! A new country, a new city and so much to discover. In order to give you a taste of the Netherlands, I will take you for a sneak peek behind the sliding doors of the arrivals at AMS Schiphol Airport!

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Arrivals 1

The doors open…and you will see the Hello Goodbye bar! Nicely chosen name. In the Netherlands we have a television program that is called Hello Goodbye. The program films people who depart from or arrive at Schiphol Airport. If you are picked up by someone who stands out a bit, it could just be that they were interviewed when they were waiting for you. If that happens, the camera crew will also be waiting for you! And we Dutchies like to watch that on our evening television program :-)
If the camera crew is not waiting for you, which is most likely, there is this bar. This bar wants to give you a “welcome home” feeling and serves refreshing drinks, coffee and home-made toasted sandwiches (we call them tosti’s).

You will also find an Albert Heijn to go. Albert Heijn is one of the larger supermarket chains in the Netherlands. You can find them in almost every city or place and here at Schiphol, a to-go version. You cannot sit here, but if you are in the mood for something or you want to take something with you while traveling on to your final destination, you’ve come to the right place and you can get used a bit to the products that are sold in Dutch supermarkets.
Arrivals 1 also has a currency exchange. Look to the right when you come out the doors. It is not to be missed.

Would you like to let your friends know where you are in a fun way? The I Amsterdam letters can be found at the exit of these arrivals. Take a selfie and share!

I Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Arrivals 2

The place to be when you need some clothes. There is an America Today and a Hennes & Maurits, or H&M. The H&M is a well-known store in the Netherlands and this one at Schiphol mainly sells items that you might want to purchase before you enter Amsterdam. Sunglasses, comfortable shoes, a belt, underwear or a new hair band.
Of course there is also a place to eat, Pastries and Snacks, where you can sit and have a bite.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Arrivals 3

If you enter through these doors, you will see a huge Grand Cafe, Grand Cafe Plaza. Nice to get a sandwich and have a cup of coffee. Walking straight forward you will find the shops and the main hall with the train station and the taxi, limousine and coach pickup lanes. At the bus lane you can take a shuttle bus to your hotel in Amsterdam City.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Arrivals 4

Last but not least! Look to the right, there is a Starbucks. With some nice seats. Starbucks is the same almost everywhere in the world. If you need something familiar, you can drink a cup of coffee here before your journey continues.
There is also a Hema here, another typical Dutch store. Hema is best known in the Netherlands for its rookworst (smoked sausage), tompouce (pastry) and all kinds of household items and clothing. If you have forgotten to take something with you, you should definitely try the Hema.

You will also find a beautiful store here, BLOEM. This store sells bouquets, cards, helium balloons and souvenirs. Are you going to visit someone and want to bring flowers? Then you are definitely at the right place here.

These are just the stores that you see immediately when you go through the sliding doors. Behind the first layer of shops, there is a shopping area over almost the entire width where you can buy all kinds of stuff and several restaurants where you can eat something.

Enjoy the stores you will find anywhere in the world and the typical Dutch ones. Buy your first stroopwafel, bunch of tulips or Delft Blue figurine.

Welcome to the Netherlands and have fun in Amsterdam!
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