This is why you will love Amsterdam!

I studied, lived and got married in Amsterdam, the most beautiful city of Holland.
The atmosphere, the people, the buildings, this city is very special and I love Amsterdam for it!
Let me tell you why you will love it as well:

The largest city of Holland is always alive

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands. Packed with people from both the Netherlands and abroad. The mix of inhabitants and tourists means that there is always life in the brewery (a Dutch saying which means that there is always life and something to do). You will find a mix of cultures and ages. People who are trading, people who are on their way to work, older people that enjoy sitting on a bench watching other people and people who love culture who see things they have never seen before!

One day is not enough!

One day in Amsterdam is really not enough. I could enjoy myself for a day at the Central Station only  :-) At the North side of the station you have the opportunity to go to Amsterdam North for free with the ferries of the GVB. Crossing the IJ river by ferry on this busy waterway, is an experience in itself. They move back and forth and the view from the water is really great!

Walking from the train station

The central trainstation itself has been renovated and refurbished in recent years. Beautiful and authentic on the outside, on the inside all sorts of new shops and coffee venues. To sit for a while or to grab a coffee to go. The exit of the station at the front of the city is the gateway to the city center. Here they can also place benches for me. Large numbers of people, probably even a larger amount of parked bicycles, trams, water, excursion boats, on the left the striking building of NEMO, a little to the right in front of you the Victoria hotel and straight ahead the Damrak: the street that leads to Dam Square. One of the big squares in Amsterdam. Where the Royal Palace Amsterdam is located, the Kalverstraat begins, street artists show their skills, people relax and eat after miles of walking through the city.

Never ending fun

Many cities in the Netherlands only have a city center around a market square. Amsterdam is in a range of approximately 3 km (2 miles) from the central station completely packed with shops, cafes, restaurants, museums, sights, markets and squares. And hotels of course, because if you can’t do everything in a day, you have to sleep somewhere, right? The fun never ends in Amsterdam!

History of Amsterdam

The center of Amsterdam during the Second World War was quite saved in terms of bombing, which is the reason that many buildings with beautiful facades are present everywhere around you. The residents in Amsterdam and the Jewish people who lived in Amsterdam did had a very hard time, which also makes the city very interesting from a historical point of view. On the Dam square are pavement tiles with names of people who were killed in a shooting on this square during an attack after the 5th of May liberation. There is also a monument on Dam square where a national commemoration takes place every year.
The city also houses the Jewish historical museum that pays special attention to what happened during the Second World War. A little further, within walking distance is the Hollandsche Schouwburg. The place where people went first when they were arrested during the war, to be transported from there. And of course the Anne Frank house. The place where Anne Frank wrote her world-famous diary when she was in hiding. Read more about the history of Schiphol Airport in this blog.

Let’s have some fun!

Culture, shopping, relaxing, having fun. I am far from complete and I will never be. Just come to the city and discover it yourself.
There is so much to do and so much to enjoy. Let’s have some fun and love in Amsterdam!

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